What to Expect

At the APC, you are supported, cared for and in control.

With everything under one roof and a collaborative team looking after you, you can recover faster

We understand that navigating the journey as a public patient can be a challenge when you are also facing a new diagnosis or treatment options to choose from. That is why our experts work together as a multi-disciplinary team – which includes you, the patient – to ensure you receive the best possible evidence-based care.

Your first step is to have a GP referral in place, then you can make an appointment. During your conversation with our receptionist team, you will be booked in with a specialist best suited to your needs and begin your journey as an APC patient.

How to become an APC patient

You can become a patient with the APC in one of two ways, depending on your circumstances.

Get a referral from your GP

If you have a prostate cancer or urological condition diagnosis, you’ll need a referral to see us. Simply ask your GP for a referral to the Australian Prostate Centre.

Book an appointment with one of our GPs

If you don’t have a GP, you can book an appointment with one of our specialised prostate cancer and men’s health GPs. To do so, contact us to make an appointment.

Make an appointment

Our Specialists

APC’s team consists of some of the brightest and best in the field. Find out more about our specialists.

Our Team