Prostate Cancer Survivorship at APC

With you every step of the way.

Our survivorship program supports prostate cancer patients from diagnosis through to treatment and recovery

Living with prostate cancer can mean navigating treatments, having surgery, radiation therapy, or living with the disease long-term. We understand that a prostate cancer diagnosis is a major challenge. Survivorship encompasses your well-being from diagnosis and treatment – including physical, psychological and other issues. This includes the experiences of your loved ones, family, and caregivers.

Our Prostate Cancer Survivorship Services have you covered - the team at APC offers 360 degrees of care. Our Medical Services work together with our Recovery Services to get you back to your normal life, sooner. Survivorship services include:

There’s a global effort researching and optimising prostate cancer survivorship care. Find out more about nursing in survivorship.

At APC, you are part of the team

You will be involved in every step of the decision-making process on what’s right for your recovery.

Everything is upfront and clear – you’ll know your team, and they will provide you with the answers to any question or concerns you may have. They will make sure you have the quickest possible access to the best treatment options available.

How to access Survivorship services

You can become a patient with the APC in one of two ways, depending on your circumstances.

Get a referral from your GP

If you have prostate cancer or a urological condition, you’ll need a referral to see us. Simply ask your GP for a referral to the Australian Prostate Centre.

Book an appointment with one of our GPs

If you don’t have a GP, you can book an appointment with one of our specialised prostate cancer and men’s health GPs. To do so, contact us to make an appointment.

Make an appointment

Prostate Cancer Survivorship Matters

APC have partnered with the Centre of Research Excellence on Prostate Cancer Survivorship. We are developing new models of long term prostate cancer care.

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