Exercise and physical wellbeing

At APC we believe that exercise is an important part of your treatment and recovery program. APC Exercise Physiologists specialise in prescribing and monitoring exercise for people with chronic conditions.

Prostate cancer treatments can come with a range of potential side effects and each man is affected in a different way. Our exercise physiologists hold regular group exercise sessions at our onsite gym, but you also have options for an individualised home program, or one on one program at the gym.

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We are here to help

At our North Melbourne centre, we offer a range of specialist medical and allied health recovery services for every stage of prostate cancer:

  • Diagnosis and active surveillance
  • Preparation for prostate surgery
  • Urology services for surgical treatments
  • Oncology services
  • Restoring continence post prostate cancer treatment
  • Restoring sexual function post prostate cancer treatment
  • Hormone therapy support.
  • Recovery Exercise programs
  • Psychology services for emotional wellbeing
  • Support for partners

You can access complete treatment and care at the Australian Prostate Centre with a referral from your doctor.

The APC is located in North Melbourne, conveniently across the road from The Royal Melbourne Hospital, and welcomes patients from near and far.

How to access our services