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About the Australian Prostate Centre

The Australian Prostate Centre (APC) is a not-for-profit organisation that has one goal in mind: to create a world where no man dies from prostate cancer.

Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in Australia, claiming the lives of around 3,500 men in 2018. It is a complex disease that can also cause a range of health problems including bladder or bowel incontinence, sexual dysfunction and mental health issues.

The Australian Prostate Centre was established in 2012, initially as a research facility, dedicated to advancing research into treatment and a cure for prostate cancer. In 2014, APC opened the doors of the APC clinic and have since treated over 18,000 patients.

The APC aims to give men with prostate cancer longer, better quality lives.

We work unrelentingly towards the day when no man will die from prostate cancer.

Everything patients need. Under one roof

The APC is unique in Australia and one of the few medical facilities in the world focused on the complete treatment and care of men suffering from prostate cancer.

At the forefront of world-class research

Prostate cancer continues to shorten and impact the quality of many Australian lives. Research is incredibly important in being able to create better treatments and ultimately find a cure.

The APC is recognised and respected around the world for our contribution to research. We’re involved in numerous programs, including the Genetic Research Program and various clinical trials of new drugs, diagnostics and treatments.

Through our research, we’re actively seeking better ways to provide treatment, improve quality of life, and offer care and support to those affected by prostate cancer. Part of this is due to our commitment to collaborating with globally recognised research institutions in helping find a cure and better treatments for prostate cancer.

We also house the world’s biggest tissue bank, sharing the knowledge and clinical implications on a world stage.

Everything patients need.

Raising awareness around prostate cancer

95% of men who have their prostate cancer detected early have a survival rate of longer than 5 years, and an easier recovery journey. That’s why, at the APC, we actively educate men and the broader community about early detection.

Mobile Clinics

Healthy Partnerships to take our message to Australian men

In 2019, Incolink partnered with APC to bring free health checks, to their members working on large construction sites. The bus not only spreads the message on the importance of general health including prostate checks, but also makes it easier for men to take the opportunity to be checked.

Partnering with organisations and individuals to make a bigger impact

One of the main reasons we’ve been able to continually build on our work has been due to the generous support of our corporate and community partners. Through their funds and support, we’re able to keep taking significant steps towards seeing a world without prostate cancer.

The same goes for the fantastic donations that come through from individuals. Every dollar you give us goes directly to helping support men with prostate cancer.

Our Partners

Registered Charity

The APC is registered with the Australian charity and not-for-profits commission. Our charity ABN is 63151598908. Every donation you make to us is tax-deductible.

With your support we can continue our fight

With your support we can continue our fight

Help us continue our groundbreaking work in giving Australian men with prostate cancer longer, happier lives, and research to find a cure.

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