Referring your patient to the APC

Quick access to specialist and allied health services, all under one roof in North Melbourne.

You can refer patients at any stage of their cancer or condition.

• Prostate, bladder, and other genitourinary cancers.

• Raised PSA.

• Lower urinary tract symptoms.

• Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia.

• Incontinence and bladder dysfunction.

• Kidney stones.

• Haematuria.

• Testicular and scrotal lumps.

• Recurrent UTIs.

• Erectile dysfunction.

• Pelvic or genital pain.

• Interstitial cystitis/painful bladder syndrome.

Rapid access available for urgent referrals.

Download our GP reference and referral booklet here.

How To Refer

Welcome to the APC. Refer your patient for quick access to urological and prostate cancer services.

Why APC?

At the APC we assist with all stages of prostate cancer diagnosis, treatment, and recovery under the one roof. We understand you want your patient in the most capable hands. We also understand that not all patients can afford private health services and that public waiting lists are long. We offer:

  • Expert clinicians relentlessly work together to ensure every patient is given 360 degrees of the best quality care
  • A range of experienced specialists are available all in one place
  • Patients benefit from quick access to care and a smoother patient journey

Billing and Fees

As a not-for-profit organisation, the APC is committed to keeping the out-of-pocket expenses for patients low.

There may still be some fees depending on the appointment type and procedure. Call the centre to find out more details about our fees and rebates.


Medicare and private health insurance rebates are available (and processed at the appointment), and pensioners and health care cardholders are eligible for reduced rates.


Once you’ve referred a patient to us, we’ll typically be able to see them within 2-4 weeks. Urgent cases can usually be seen within 2 weeks.

Urgent cystoscopies can be performed within 1-2 weeks.

Genetic Testing now available

APC now offers suitable patients the option of genomic testing

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Any questions?

Speak to us and ask how we can help you refer your patient today.

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