What happens after my diagnosis?

Diagnosis – what happens next?

Understanding your treatment options

After a positive diagnosis of prostate cancer, it is important to understand your treatment options. This can feel overwhelming and confusing. Adjusting to your new reality comes as a shock and you’ll want to feel like you’re in the hands of the best specialists to help you determine your treatment pathway.

Your APC team includes both medical specialists and allied health services including specialist nurses and psychologists.

A collaboration between you and your specialists will determine the best possible treatment plan to suit your particular needs and condition. Your doctor at APC can also give you access to clinical trials suitable to your condition, and refer you to public or private hospitals for further treatments like robotic surgery, if required.

Our team will work closely with your doctors to make sure you are receiving the highest quality care and support services.

Nurses at the APC

We are here to help

At our North Melbourne centre, we offer a range of specialist medical and allied health recovery services for every stage of prostate cancer:

  • Diagnosis and active surveillance
  • Preparation for prostate surgery
  • Urology services for surgical treatments
  • Oncology services
  • Restoring continence post prostate cancer treatment
  • Restoring sexual function post prostate cancer treatment
  • Hormone therapy support
  • Exercise programs
  • Psychology services for emotional wellbeing
  • Support for partners

You can access complete treatment and care at the Australian Prostate Centre with a referral from your doctor.

The APC is located in North Melbourne, conveniently across the road from The Royal Melbourne Hospital, and welcomes patients from near and far.

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