Exercise Physiology

Exercise Physiology plays a vital role in your recovery.

Supporting your body and helping you navigate side effects

Exercise physiologists specialise in prescribing and monitoring exercise for people with chronic conditions. Prostate cancer treatments can come with a range of potential side effects and each man is affected in a different way.

Exercise can help deal with side effects of treatment including fatigue, muscle weakness, osteoporosis, weight changes, mood changes, muscle and joint pain and even helps improve the effectiveness of some treatments.

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If we could put all the benefits of exercise into a drug, it would be the most wildly prescribed medication in the world

Exercise helps to manage and prevent many chronic health conditions

Individualised sessions

You can see our in-house Exercise Physiology team for an individualised program in a one on one session in our in-house gym in North Melbourne. With a tailored exercise plan and one on one support you can get your physical health back on track and prepare for surgery and thrive in recovery.


Group exercise sessions

We run group exercise sessions for men in recovery, for prehabilitation or post-surgery recovery in our onsite gym. Supervised and instructed by our exercise physiology team, these sessions are a great way to get your physical health back on track while having a chat with mates in your group.

Walking group

If you have gone or are going through prostate cancer, evidence shows that walking can improve physical, psychological, and emotional well-being.

Our walking group is currently suspended due to COVID19

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