Bladder and Continence

Continence services for women and men

Our comprehensive continence service is dedicated to helping both men and women with bladder problems.

We offer a complete range of continence services for men and women, including diagnosis. Treatment may include minor procedures such as bladder botox, bladder instillations, and percutaneous tibial nerve stimulation. If needed, our consultant urologists can refer patients for further treatment at public or private hospitals. Our Continence Services team includes functional urologists, pelvic floor physiotherapists, specialist nurses, and psychologists.

Conditions include:

  • Bladder control or incontinence
  • Frequent need to urinate, or frequently overnight
  • Sudden need to urinate
  • Overactive bladder
  • Difficulty urinating, e.g. slow flow or difficulty emptying your bladder
  • Pain with urinating or pain in the bladder
  • Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections
  • Bladder Pain Syndrome / Interstitial Cystitis

Continence Treatments

Bladder Botox

Bladder Botox is a procedure to treat urinary incontinence due to overactive bladder.

Percutaneous Tibial Nerve Stimulation

Percutaneous Tibial Nerve Stimulation (PTNS) is a minimally invasive procedure used to treat Overactive Bladder. It requires no hospital stay or anaesthesia. At APC, we treat both men and women with symptoms of Overactive Bladder with PTNS. It is effective regardless of age, and reduces frequency, incontinence episodes, night-time voids and urgency. Studies have shown significant improvements in quality of life.


Urodynamic studies test how well the bladder holds and releases urine. These tests can show how well the bladder works.

Bladder Pain

Bladder pain patients often experience frequent urination, sensation of constant urge to void and chronic pain. Our team of specialists will assess your symptoms and perform necessary tests to treat your symptoms.

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You can access complete treatment and care at the Australian Prostate Centre. All you need is a GP referral.

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