PTNS researches a novel way to help women and men with continence

What is PTNS?

PTNS is designed to help men and women who have urinary urgency or frequency or urge incontinence. Patients are currently trialling the PTNS treatment through a controlled 12-week program.

PTNS (Percutaneous Tibial Nerve Stimulation) is for patients that may have urinary urgency, urinary frequency or urge incontinence, which are associated symptoms of overactive bladder.

The Urgent PC device delivers PTNS and can be effective for men and women. For the induction program patients have weekly (30 minutes) sessions during 12 weeks.

Patients are asked to answer some questionnaires before and after the PTNS treatment. These PROMs (Patient reported Outcome Measures) will report their experienced effects of the treatment. An abstract of one of our urology nurses about this research has been accepted at the 2020 USANZ (Urological Society of Australia and New Zealand) conference in Sydney.

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