Pelvic Pain

Persistent pelvic pain is a debilitating and complex condition, and is best managed with a team approach.

Our experienced team of urologists, pelvic floor physiotherapists, specialists nurses and psychologists have specific expertise in pelvic pain, and will support you along your journey on the road to recovery.

We help men with persistent pelvic pain, and men and women with painful bladders, including people diagnosed with bladder pain syndrome or interstitial cystitis.

Our team will provide you with a diagnosis, and work with you on a rehabilitation program to help you recover from your condition. We have a range of treatment options available to help.

We have onsite diagnostic testing, including flexible cystoscopy. We also perform minor procedures, including bladder botox, bladder instillations, and pelvic nerve blocks.

If needed, our consultant urologists can complete referrals into the public or private hospitals.

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You can access complete treatment and care at the Australian Prostate Centre. All you need is a GP referral.

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